GOP leadership, or lack thereof.

10 days ago it seemed that the GOP leadership was preparing to help Obama push the party over the cliff.
On display was the seamiest side of DC, broken campaign promises, lies, transparent sleight of hand, abject stupidity, all carefully cultivated traits of the GOP insiders. Most importantly however, at stake were the 2014 Congressional elections. In mid-term elections, motivatiing the base should be what it’s all about, excepting of course for the GOP which recently has been promising big, but once elected, delivering a kick-in-the-teeth-thank-you-very-much to the worker bees who put them in office.

In a clear demarcation of the rift between official DC and the conservative base – the fiery older gray haired gals in the GOP auxiliaries and Central Commiittees – who do most of the grassroots work, the ugliness was on display. A spineless GOP leadership, allegedly conservative publications – yeah you know who you are, pretend conservatives such as Charles Krauthammer, Bernie Goldberg and sadly to a certain degree Steve Hayes [whom we still love], former journos – Brit Hume, the entire lot of them [the people Mark Levin calls "the masterminds"] were shreiking like little girls, “please, please, please don’t shut the government down.” fearful…no…crapping in their collective pants…over the prospect of a s-h-u-t-d-o-w-n.

They used this word like it was the equivalent of a biological weapon; one whiff and the GOP would turn its four short legs and yellow belly skyward. It became clear that all the Pubies cared about, both the professional pols, their pundits and the talking chowder heads, was keeping their little part of the power structure aliive. Hell if their side loses so what, they still get invited to swell parties where everone pats themselves on the back for being such self-sacrificing public servants while OD-ing on bad caviar.
That’s the center of their lives, not what’s right or best for the country, or even the good of the party long-term. They just want to go to the ball even if it’s with the ugliest gal in town.

But reality grabbed them in their merry traipse towards the cliff, a few congressmen; Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Louis Gohmert and about a dozen others said, “no dice boys, we ain’t playing that game anymore, man up, grow a pair and strap it on, we are going to war.” Pressure built on Boehner and his idiot sidekick Cantor [why does he remind me of a sadistic dentist?] to alter their suicide pact with TeamO. In fact as things quickly developed the Boehner/Cantor phony defund measure died the nasty death it deserved.

Tensions increased, millions signed the petition to defund Commie Care, the Congressional swichboard melted into a mass of smoldering plastic and smoking circuits; alleged reps of the people refused to answer their phones; press secretaries failed to return calls, answer emails or in any way deal with the onrushing locomotive which they felt rumbling towards them. Cruz took to the Senate floor in a scene reminiscent of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and delievered a brilliant commentary [sustained only by Green Eggs & Ham] on the downside of Commie Care [hereafter, CC]. Senator Dick Durbin, certainly a candidate for the dumbest guy in DC, tried to mix it up with Cruz. Ted gutted him – the Turban, spewing blood and guts all over the Senate chamber fled the scene. The Dem slime machine kicked into overdrive calling the renegades, Tea Party buffoons, terrorists, anarchists, arachnids, hostage takers, father rapers, Rush robots, anti-Christs. The term “it’s the law of the land,” was trotted out as if it actually mattered. Apparently there was collective amnesia regarding the manner in which the Dems passed this bill, where, in the dead of night and lacking a single GOP vote , these totalitarians steamrolled CC through Congress not even having read the legislation, and of course, none of the tens-of-thousands of pages of “clarifying,” bureaucratic mish-mosh which followed and is still being generated..

Things got desperate, Boehner and the boys tried the thousand-yard stare thingie, seems they couldn’t see past the tips of their shoes… Then the impossible happened, the were forced to cave…big time, voting to defund CC and sending it over to Reid’s Assylum by the Potomac. Now the GOPers in the Senate weren’t ready to reject their original suicide pact with Team O. The increasingly delusional John McCain, Senate Minority Leader what’s his name, you know, the goofy looking guy with the face of a bloodhound ..oh that’s right Bitch…errr..Mitch McConnell, delivered op research to the left wing media. Yeah that’s right the GOP leadership plus General QBall McCracked worked feverishly behind the scene to destroy, not defeat, Ted Cruz. It didn’t work, leaving these Pygmies and their henchmen and women in the ditch covered in tread marks. Sure Cruz had to accept an on paper tactical setback but he won the war and now the House is holidng firm, sending Reid’s nightmare back to him with a few more twists thrown in

So this has been an historic week, Cruz, Lee and the rest pulled Boehner and company off the cliff and thus probably ensured a GOP victory in 2014 with a great possibility now that the Dems will lose the Senate.
And as for shutting the goverrnment down, we concur with Thomas Jefferson, “a little revoltion every so often is a good thing.” And in this case indeed it is.

The Dems must be quaking in fear over the prospect of having to deal with more reps like Mr. Cruz, tough, intelligent, campaign savvy and above all an articulate advicate for a return to Constitutional government.