A Perfect Storm for Summer Riots? Read this Letter from a Friend..

Everyone is counting us out. Predicting our doom. "Downfall of the American empire". Are they right? This forth of July I watched the fireworks and and of the men and women who died for a fresh start. Will this expe riment end on our watch? I know the urge to cut and run is there. I'm making plans myself just in case I am the only one to feel this way. But I will stand and defend my ground. Not only from the thugs, but also the war of words and destructive critics who think they have a moral superiority to justify throwing this baby out with the bathwater. Who will stand with me? Who else is willing to sacrifice a little of their windfall and bounty to ensure any revolution is velvet, if at all. Any other way will lead to a real dictator. As history shows. A dictator to dwarf the paper monsters we have made of the leaders we have now. Those would inadvertently introduce fire straight from the frying pan. It ain't me. So I ask again, who will stand with me? For justice. For peace.  For order. For rationality. For the preservation of the union. We were one of the few countries which resisted communism and fascism during the last lesson recession. And we will do it again. If only to be ready for what those two "solutions" will bring to those who weren't so lucky to be born on these shores. Who's with me?

 So what's different since 1992's riots:
Evicted homeowners
INS crack down
Gas isn't $1.30 a gallon
Children of privilege with their Che Guevara shirts
Funk from 911
Stolen election
Real enemies with 200 matches on a Santa ana morning.
Social security is broken.
Meaning if it doesn't get fixed young people will and are currently paying for the old. Not the old taking from their own payments. They are paying for others and no one will pay them back when they retire. Which is never.

What to prepare just in case
   cb radio and or walkie talkie is same?
   Edible plants & berries in California, Mexico and north America print out all
   How to build a log cabin/ masonry adobe. Mix: sand and straw for stonework. Lol.
   Farming small scale, hydroponics etc
   Preserves and canning
   Well making; hand pump type?
   Survival in the wild
   Hunting/trapping books (buy a bow)
   First aid and medical books (herbal?)
   Windmill or watermill construction
To prepare
   Seeds: how long do they last? Organic
   Boardgames cards chess frisbee
   Rubber bullets, slugs, lead free rounds for hunting, Arrows are reusable! Bullets and paintballs for stunning birds will run out.
   Tubing for syphoning gas in emergency. Handpump optional
   Nets for birds
   My trap from Rick. Metal squirrel trap from hardware store home depot or osh more likely.
   A small handgun

from or others:
   Hunting rifles scopes
   Fishing poles
   Hunting knives
   Axe, splitter-axe chainsaw bowsaw
   Shovel for in hill construction. Living moss roof placed over plastic sheeting for warmth. One plexiglass sheet for sunroof is optional for best lighting.
   Dogs: two hunting dogs trained for birdhunting.
   Chickens. Ducks. Turkey. Sheep. (later pigs, goats)

   Take up judo or jujitsu small arms training.
   Heal ones self emotionally (vision quest to scout areas by foot or bicycle). in case you need to help others in a leadership way. People don't respect weakness no matter how ahead of the curve one is. Or in need of a person of good logic and problem solving ability.
   Work on a farm
   Go fishing. How to make fire. Small stone flint lasts for years.
   Potatoes and rice
   Woodworking job or class, carpentry
   Work with log cabin construction
   Class on hunting / edu-vacations on all above. Including sheep, livestock etc.
   Join the boy scouts or volunteer.

Bigger plans:
  Shortwave gear
  Windmill or watermill on the cheap see the old style windmills using flat boards. Solar panels for 12 or 24 volt systems. Batteries? Two or four. Bicycle generator. Jimmy or reverend gadget.
  Group of good folk to go with. All on motorcycle in a pack. Buy all wheel drive subaru or other truck? Or wagon with air shocks adjustable.

Where to fall back to in case your area sees no check to the chaos?
   Note: all countries will hate us as we caused this recession or depression if any. Possible locations to fall back on are below, but note: you must organize and defend your neighborhood first. Those fireworks on the fourth are a reminder from our forefathers that this whole experiment better not fail on our watch.  Dig it? Defend justice and order for a little while and then you can go back to stem cell research and opera if it even exists after this. Your choice. Me? I like opera and just discovered James brown for cripes sake. "Papa don't take no lip!

I'm ready. I can dig scrapping...

I don't know karate, but I know karazy."

Wanna sit and say we deserve this? there will be no place left to come back to for most of our arm chair critics. And insurance does not cover social insurrection so maybe that will motivate you. Look, there are only 15% troublemakers on average in most areas. If organized and acting as a team, ahead of time, we can prevent a repeat of 1992. Each one of you may want to have a group of 5-10 men who prepare for security and 10-20 women and men to learn first aid and other arts like starting hydroponic gardens at home and in backyards, now. Fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, and a chicken or two like I hear in east LA would crack me up. The women can go door to door at the beginning of the riots informing all that we have a plan and need help while the men block off all but one or two entrances for each four by four block area. 10-20 pre-made wooden sawhorse roadblocks may do if we can't agree ahead of time to pay for any volunteered cars lost or damage to the bodywork. If so, older cars will be needed (tanks syphoned empty at some point) and two armed men at each location wearing pre-made or bought security t shirts. Two other men as backup or to assist. Perhaps one half block away from western as many gun toting thugs will use western avenue and perhaps Wilton. I recommend rubber bullets and mace to defend the shops from looter. Yes. This will discourage others from joining in and will prevent the entire repeat of 1992. And better our rubber than the korean shop owner's hot lead. Alternating rounds: Rubber then lead for up to 5 warning shots in each clip.
 We must secure the gas station on at Andrews and Beverly for environental reasons as well as the fact that many of us will be half full or less on the day we need. ( keep yours full when you reach half way for the next year) and keep cool. We live in interesting times.

To buy now: four seperate 500 feet of reinforced garden hose to be used at the hydrants with $10 , 2.5" to 1" hydrant adapters. Test pipe wrench can open hydrant or need tighter fit with very long fixed wrench. What is the official minimum wrench length? I would say the third group on fire patrol should be trained in advance as volunteer firemen. And the most likely places for fire will be along western and Beverly then third street and finally Wiltern. Water should be available in the beginning and though-out despite all except if foreign or homegrown antagonists join in to use this time to try and Dresden this city. Let's hope it doesn't happen after an earthquake on a Santa Ana wind kind of weather pattern. Remember one fire in San Diego? How about 500 fires set intentionally while earthquake-ed gas lines and looters triple that. It might explain why insurance companies have started demanding homeowners fireproof their entire properties last month in LA.

Deep fallback plans:
  Mexico: gringo revenge
  Guatemala gringo on sale
  Kern county remote? Far to build now? Pay someone to build it.
  Yosemite too remote?
  Above Santa barbara too.
  Europe? Languages??